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Track Staff Workload of each department

Is your office constantly piled up with paperwork on desks and multiple emails and projects building up on your to-do lists? Are you unsure how to distribute work among your employees? Unsure who is too busy and who isn't? With Weblook CRM, you can view your staff workload based on each department and job role making task assigning easy.

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Weblook CRM’s key features

  • Easily sort staff workload based on department, role, project, staff and even start and end date of projects.

    • View estimated hours and spent hours of each task assigned to each employee
    • View staff workload data in chart view on estimates overload and normal task completion hours for each department

View the timeline of each project associated with each staff member and view details of staff collaborating for each project

    • View more detailed information of each project assigned to each staff through kanban view

Want to streamline your appointment management system?

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