Make Potential Possible

Enjoy the benefits of personalized, relevant and timely communication with potential candidates. With Weblook CRM you can manage your entire recruitment process from start to finish. Here’s how…

Create a Recruitment Form

WeblookCRM allows you to design and create a form with detailed job descriptions, title of the position. Under the job description you have the option to add and design fields such as name, gender, date of birth, email, other contact information, CV, work experience and more. You can also add this form onto your website or other websites. 

Recruitment Portal Features

  1. Upcoming Interviews – Track your upcoming interviews and schedule interviews with candidates via Weblook CRM
  2. Pipeline Candidates – Keep track of candidates in your pipeline for any future vacancies in your organization
  3. Candidate Profile – Allow candidates to create profiles to ensure candidate engagement 
  4. Recruitment Portal – Create your own recruitment portal for candidates to view and apply for job opportunities based on various skills and experiences.

Applicant Process

Applicants can view the job description on your website and submit their applications. Upon filling out their candidate profile and application it will be automatically created in the Candidate Records Management system under CRM functions. You can sort submitted candidate resumes based on the recruitment campaign and status. 

The list of things you can create for the recruitment process is endless….

  1. Create predefined evaluation criteria and skills
  2. Create detailed candidate profiles and the option to log any information related to the candidate such as “conducted phone interview, emailed candidate etc)
  3. Create detailed job profiles with job descriptions and job titles
  4. Create detailed interview schedules so that the interview process of interviewees never gets overlapped 
  5. Create recruitment campaigns and recruiting proposals to suit your goals
  6. Create onboarding process information for new joinees
  7. Access recruitment statistics to evaluate candidates for each recruitment campaign

Why choose Weblook CRM?

With Weblook CRM you can;


  1. Gather data of the candidate pool is made more efficient and less time consuming
  2. Gather recruitment data in one place which eliminates the need for utilizing multiple vendors for the recruitment process
  3. Store candidate data more securely with less data exposure
  4. Create talent pools for different roles and different departments
  5. Schedule and manage interviews 


Want to make your recruitment process hassle free?

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