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We can help you save time!

Weblook CRM’s inventory management solutions allow you to keep track of products, add internal delivery notes, keep track of loss and adjustment items, warehouse history and generate reports thereby minimizing waste and helping you make better investment decisions.

Key Features of Weblook CRM

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Efficient Stock Management

It is important to keep sufficient inventory to meet customer demand. With WeblookCRM you are able to monitor your stock levels and ensure adequate inventory levels are maintained. WeblookCRM notifies you when your stock is running low so that you can re-order on time.

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Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Annual and monthly reports can be generated easily and the automation of some time-consuming inventory management tasks, employees are no longer required to waste time on tasks such as creating reports on spreadsheets and manually taking down stock information.

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Centralized Storage

Do you have multiple stock locations making it hard for you to keep track of? Keeping track of stock availability and managing orders can be a tedious task with multiple locations of operations. With WeblookCRM’s inventory management system you can easily keep track of the important information such as item availability, location and even keep track of goods in multiple stores/ warehouses.

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Cost Cutting & Profit Management

Human errors, managing excessive amounts of stock in storage, late deliveries can all cost your company with massive financial losses. With WeblookCRM, most of your stock management is automated with minimal errors minimizing the risks involved with stock management. You can also easily set the profit margin via the CRM system, either by the profit margin of the selling price/ buying price

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